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We are now open with limited services offered

Under the easing of lockdown rules on Sunday the 9th of May and communication with our governing body, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, we can now offer further service. We have been recommended that where possible remote access assessments and treatments should be standard practice unless this is clinically ineffective or there are extenuating circumstances that deem it necessary for a patient to receive a face to face consultation. We will triage every patient by telephone first to determine what the best method of assessment and treatment is.

If a face to face consultation is deemed necessary, then we want to reassure patients that we have implemented all government advice to reduce the risk of cross-infection. Below is a list of precautions implemented.

PPE: All physiotherapists will use type IIR Face masks as well as disposable gloves and aprons. All reception staff will wear type IIR face masks.  These will be disposed of as clinical waste separate to normal waste.

Hygiene: Washing facilities and hand sanitiser will be provide for all patients and staff including paper towels to dry hands and disposed of in a sealed bin.  All treatment areas and communal areas will be cleaned and wiped down using antibacterial wipes/spray between each patient contact.

Social distancing: 2m ruling will apply through the clinic and as much as possible during your treatment session

Facility: The clinic has been adapted in several ways. There will be a waiting room for patients both upstairs and downstairs. All treatment rooms will be ventilated and the use of techniques involving forced expiration will not be used at this time to avoid droplet release unless treatment rooms can be rotated. Where possible you will be asked to leave the building via a separate exit. Reduced number of physiotherapists working and staggered appointment times to adhere to social distancing.

What we expect of you:

  1. If a face to face consultation is deemed necessary, then we would ask that you wear a face-covering or a mask as per the government guidelines.
  2. We expect you to wash your hands or sanitise them on entering and leaving the clinic.
  3. You will be required to have your temperature recorded by an infrared gun performed at reception to determine whether you can stay on the premises and receive a face to face consultation. We will be asking for your consent to do this.
  4. We will be asking you not to enter the building more than 5 minutes before your appointment and to come alone unless you require assistance. Please can you leave the building promptly at the end of your appointment.
  5. If you do develop any new Covid-19 Symptoms I.e. a temperature or new cough in the 14 days after your visit, please can you inform us.

All the above measures that have been implemented are in place to provide an environment for the staff to work in and for you to visit that minimises risk to us all. If any areas are not complied with, we will not be able to provide the care you may require so if for any reason you are unable to comply please inform us when you are triaged prior to attending the clinic.

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Stretches for Cyclists

Step 1.

Specific Stretches for cyclists
In Standing holding the leg to be stretched just above the ankle pull the leg up behind keeping the torso upright and pushing your hip and chest forward until you feel a stretch down the front of the thigh. X5 20 second holds

Step 2.

Facing a wall place your hands on the wall level with your shoulders. Step back with the leg you wish to stretch and push your knee straight while keeping your heel on the floor. X5 20 second holds

Step 3.

Lying on the floor pull your knee up to your chest with your knee bent. Then try to straighten the knee without letting the hip position alter. Keep the other leg flat on the floor. X5 20 second holds

Step 4.

Lying on your back with your knee at 90 degrees pulled towards your chest/ opposite shoulder gently rotate your lower limb/ankle up towards your chest. X5 20 second holds

Step 5.

Lying on the floor, raise one leg over the other, and place knee on the ground. Using the opposite hand to knee, gently press the knee towards the floor, keeping the opposite arm and shoulder against the ground. X5 20 second holds

Step 6.

Place your hand over the top of our head and pull the head and neck down to the left feeling a stretch in the right upper shoulder and neck muscles. Repeat on right side. X5 10 second holds

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The Oyster

A great exercise for engaging a muscle (Gluteus medius), situated around the hip joint. It provides an important function to support/stabilise the pelvis as well as rotating the hip. Not only that, but it helps give tone to the buttock area.

As with all exercises, make sure you take time getting into the starting position and carry out the exercise without rushing. This enables you to perform the movement safely and effectively. A good technique yields better results too!


  1. Lie in a straight line on your side, bend your knees keeping your feet in line with your bottom.
  2. Use a towel or cushion under the head, making sure your head is in line with the spine.

The Oyster is suitable for conditions such as:

  • Low back pain
  • Sacro-iliac pain
  • some hip symptoms
  • lower limb mal-alignment

For further information about this exercise and others, you can make an appointment to see one of our physiotherapists

The Oyster



  1. Engage the lower abdominals and pelvic floor gently.
  2. Simultaneously open up the top leg like an oyster shell opening, keeping the heels together.


  • Keep the waist lengthened away from the shoulder.
  • Make sure neither the pelvis nor spine rotate backwards or forwards during the leg movement; this means only rotating the leg as far as you can keep the pelvis still/stabilised.
  • Align yourself next to a wall if you feel this will help support your pelvis in a more stable position
  • Try doing 2×10 every other day to begin!

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