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Prone leg lifts

A great exercise to promote the effective recruitment between Gluteus Maximus (Bottom Muscle) and the hamstrings and also to help stabilise the pelvic region.

As with all exercises, make sure you take time getting into the starting position and carry out the exercise without rushing. This enables you to perform the movement safely and effectively. A good technique yields better results too! 

Starting Position
Starting Position



  1. Engage the lower abdominals and pelvic floor gently.

  2. Squeeze your gluteal (Bottom) muscles together and slowly lift the leg roughly 10 inches off the bed

  3. Lie in a straight line on your front

  4. Place your hands down the side of the body
Prone leg lifts are suitable for conditions such as:

Low back pain,

Sacro-iliac pain,

Some hip symptoms,

Lower limb mal-alignment,

Hamstring dominant patients

For further information about this exercise and others, you can make an appointment to see one of our physiotherapists


  • Make sure you squeeze your bottom muscles tightly before leg lifting.
  • Make sure when you leg lift your leg remains straight, do not extend in the lower back and make sure all the movement comes from the hip.
  • If you feel soreness in your lower back stop the exercise and contact the physiotherapist.
  • Try doing 2x10 every other day to begin with!