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Over the years with the increased success of team GB both on the track and on the road, there has been huge increase in people wanting to take up cycling and this in turn has seen an increase in cycling related injuries sustained on the bike.

Within the clinic we have begun to see these problems with an awful lot of cyclists riding with pain and discomfort often down to incorrect posture on the bike, lower back pain and knee pain being the most common injuries.

Here at SB Sports Injury & Physiotherapy Clinic we have developed a physiotherapy-based bike fit where we have taken the expertise offered by experienced bike fit specialist and used our expertise and knowledge of anatomy and injuries to develop this service, based on your current and previous injury history.

The area of bike fitting is a much-debated topic throughout the world of cycling. What’s the best position in relation to comfort, optimum aerodynamics and performance? There are varying levels of service offered to you at the point of sale. When you purchase a new bike whether it is your first or an upgrade, you can go for a basic fit to more in-depth systems such that use infrared 3D technology to measure the cyclist’s optimum position. In some cases, you may just be sold the bike with very little advice about positioning. Now of course like most hobbies you can explore these options to suit your affordability.

The service we have developed would benefit beginners, novices and more experienced cyclists. Whether you are starting out and want to get set up correct or if you are already experiencing pain it is a service you may benefit from.