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Anterior Knee Pain

Anterior knee pain is a term used to describe pain at the front of the knee. It is an umbrella term and covers several conditions for example Chondromalacia patella (wear and tear or softening or the retro patella surface), Inflammation of the patella tendon/fat pad and surrounding structures often referred to as Jumpers Knee.

The cause of anterior knee pain can be multifactorial due to the wide and varied structures that could cause the pain and so it is relatively poorly defined. Often underlying factors such as overuse, Muscle imbalance, weakness and patella abnormalities or even varied foot postures can lead to symptoms.

Patients can present with a variety of symptoms due to the varied source of the problem but characteristically patients with anterior knee pain often demonstrate functional pain problems on walking, squatting, descending stairs and sitting for prolonged periods with the knee’s bent. On occasions it can present as joint instability and with giving way of the knee.

The assessment and diagnosis of anterior pain is tricky and so a detailed knowledge of the anatomy as well as experience in treating the condition is essential. Once a diagnosis has been determined the treatment again can be challenging often rest from activity is required while your physiotherapist goes on to advise on exercise therapy to correct any weakness/muscle imbalances. Your physio may use techniques to help with patella alignment or position such as strength exercises or tapping techniques. If there is significant pain again tapping can be useful as well as electrotherapy treatment and the possibility of acupuncture may be considered. It maybe that strength work on your foot posture will be required and even an orthotic to correct foot posture is often considered.

In all, most anterior knee pains are very treatable and so if any of the above sounds familiar then here at SB Sports Injury & Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd we have the staff to assess and successfully treat the condition.

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