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Its Not Just the Baby!

Its here at last! Tara, one of our musculoskeletal physios, can now offer physiotherapy assessments for those aches and pains during pregnancy and beyond.

Having attended two postgraduate courses recently, Tara has the skills (and personal experience!) to assess, treat and guide ladies experiencing neck, back, pelvic pains during pregnancy which evolve with the physical and human adjustments our bodies go through. Postnatally, we then go through further physical changes with the demands of motherhood. As our muscles and skeleton take some time to return to pre-pregnancy, Tara can guide you through this stage and ensure you exercise appropriately to regain a firmer tummy and feel in better condition. Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to get a flat tummy – its not just about sucking it in! With Tara's Pilates and physio background she can support you through each stage, helping you to return to things you enjoy doing.

Her recent training involved a two day course of lectures/practical sessions, with an internationally renown Physio, Diane Lee. Using evidence based practice and sharing experiences the course focused on the rehabilitation of the trunk/pelvis and abdominal musculature.

Whatever your symptoms are, Tara can assess, advise and guide you. We also have built in links with local personal trainers with postural qualifications..

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Treatment & Exercise in The Childbearing Year

One of our physio's, Tara Skillicorn has recently attended a three day course which focuses on physiotherapy during the childbearing year.

This covers the theory and practical aspects of musculoskeletal problems which can arise during pregnancies, post-natal and the first year after having a baby.It also gives attention to current research of exercising the abdominals after having a baby ……. something all new Mums are keen to do!

We will be trying to raise the awareness to parents and new mom's so watch this space. if you are experiencing pain and would like to talk with Tara then please feel free to contact us.

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Functional Fascial Taping

Functional Fascial Taping by Ron Alexander

Over the weekend of 20th-21st of November I attended a course on Functional Fascial taping developed by Ron Alexander. The approach is described as a new and unique way of applying tape to musculoskeletal pathologies creating an immediate pain relieving effect as well as increasing range of movement. Fascia is the connective tissue found in between and supporting various other tissues of the body. It has been demonstrated that by influencing the fascia through stimulation of the receptors with in the tissue you can influence the tissue interfaces of surrounding structures.
The course was practical and interesting¬†with some excellent and interesting ideas. To read more go to Ron’s web site

So prepare to be taped!!!!!!!!!!!

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