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The Pain of Home Working

This month’s topic is home working. The clinic has seen a sharp increase in spinal related postural pain since the introduction of Home working.  People have been thrown into workstation disarray moving from a workstation which has been assessed and adjusted to suit the individual to a workstation at home often on a dining room chair at a higher than normal table and often using a laptops rather than a PC with a separate monitor.

The importance of good posture at a workstation is vital for the individual and for the employer mainly because if an employee is comfortable and not in pain productivity will be higher and levels of sickness reduced.

I have listed a few tips you can try to help with your home set up. The key to a home setup is to try to mimic your workplace setup and feel comfortable.

Go get you chair!

If you have had previous posture related problems and use a specific chair, then see if you can relocate it at home this will make a huge difference. We have already advised several patients do this and it has completely changed their pain and discomfort.

Adapt the chair you are using

It is important to try to sit on a chair that has a Reasonable back support, putting a small rolled up towel in the lower back can help provide a degree of lumbar spine support.

Raise your screen

If you are working off a laptop then raising the screen can be tricky the best idea is to invest in a separate keyboard and mouse and then you can raise your laptop on either a laptop stand or simply pop some books underneath it. Your screen should be roughly high enough to see the reflection of your eyes in the top ½ of the screen.

Adjust your seat height

If you are finding your seat is too low, then add cushions sometimes using a box under your feet as a foot stool can help if your chair is a little high.

Increase screen view size

Increasing the screen view size will avoid over strain and slipping into poor postures that cause pain


Once you have addressed the set up its then all about not fixing in one position for too long, so it is important to try to move around as much as feasibly possible so fidget, stretch, sit to stand 10 times every hour and maybe take phone calls in standing rather than sitting just so you change your postural set.

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health have produced a guide to home working – click on the button below to view it:

View Guide

All the above will help prevent postural pain but if you are sore and would like some free advice or to book an appointment you can call 01952 462330, or email our team at, or fill out a form on our Contact Page.

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We are now open with limited services offered

Despite the recent increase in infections in the UK we are still working as per the guidelines handed down from  both government and our governing body the CSP

If a face to face consultation is deemed necessary, then we want to reassure patients that we have implemented all government advice to reduce the risk of cross infection. Below is a list of precautions implemented.

PPE: All physiotherapists will use type IIR Face masks as well visors, disposable gloves and aprons. All reception staff will wear IIR face masks.

Hygiene: Washing facilities and hand sanitiser will be provide for all patients and staff including paper towels to dry hands and disposed of in a sealed bin.

All treatment areas and communal areas will be cleaned and wiped down using antibacterial wipes/spray between each patient contact.

Social distancing: 2m ruling will apply through the clinic and as much as possible during your treatment session

Facility: The clinic has been adapted in several ways. There will be reduced capacity in the waiting area as well as a one-way system in place where possible so you may be asked to leave the building via a separate exit.

All treatment rooms will be ventilated and the use of techniques involving forced expiration or aerosol generating procedures will not be used at this time to avoid droplet release unless treatment rooms can be rotated.

Staggered appointment times to adhere to social distancing.

What we expect of you:

  1. If a face to face consultation is deemed necessary, then we would ask that you wear a face covering or a mask as per the government guidelines.
  2. We expect you to wash your hands or sanitise them on entering and leaving the clinic.
  3. You will be required to have your temperature recorded by an infrared gun performed at reception to determine whether you can stay on the premises and receive a face to face consultation. We will be asking for your consent to do this.
  4. We will be asking you not to enter the building more than 5 minutes before your appointment and to come alone unless you require assistance. Please can you leave the building promptly at the end of your appointment.
  5. If you do develop any new Covid-19 Symptoms I.e. a temperature or new cough in the 14 days after your visit, please can you inform us.

All the above measures that have been implemented are in place to provide an environment for the staff to work in and for you to visit that minimises risk to us all. If any areas are not complied with, we will not be able to provide the care you may require so if for any reason you are unable to comply please inform us when you are triaged prior to attending the clinic.

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