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Back and Neck Pain

Two of the most common problems treated in the clinic are back and neck pain. On average it is thought that four out of five of us will suffer some sort of back pain, (Arthritis Research UK). This can range from a simple strain, to a more serious problem, such as an injury to one of the discs.

In a number of people these problems can persist and become classified as chronic back or neck pain. Often medication alone will not solve the problem and so a large proportion of patients can benefit from physiotherapy.

At SB Sports Injury & Physiotherapy clinic we assess and treat not only the presenting pain, but we try to address the chronic problems you experience. Initially this will involve an in-depth assessment to determine the source or structure that is causing the pain. We offer a variety of treatments including hands on techniques, such as vertebral mobilisations and manipulation or possible soft tissue techniques. We may also offer you electrotherapy treatments or possibly acupuncture. Alongside these treatments a set of exercises maybe prescribed to help you treat your symptoms when you are away from the clinic. As the problem improves, we will begin a preventative programme giving advice on how to go about day to day activities safely such as lifting and returning to exercise.  At this stage we try to emphasise the importance of self-help and self-management so that you the patient can manage your problem here is a helpful guide to particularly lower back pain. The aim is to prevent having to keep re-attending for repeat courses of physiotherapy through exercise, advice, and education.

In all forms of pain and injury it is of vital importance to receive prompt and comprehensive assessment as soon as possible. This could be the difference between a speedy recovery and a chronic long standing pain problem which often can end up being more difficult to treat.

Here at the clinic we offer Physiotherapy assessments at times to suit you, with early morning and evening appointments available.

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