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Postural/Sedentary Pain

A condition which is defiantly on the rise is Postural/Sedentary pain. You may be wandering what this is, well it is pain related to lack of activity in our lives and the stress placed on our postural set causing pain. It is somewhat unusual as we often associate pain problems with trauma or sudden movements that cause pain, but we are seeing more and more postural pain associated with inactivity.

The ever increasing technology/IT in our lives is having a detrimental effect on the human body, especially at work where more and more occupations involve often lengthy periods of time sat at a computer or a laptop. It is not just at work for example internet shopping has led to a reduction in people shopping on the high street and so becoming more sedentary.

The fact of the matter is the human form through the years has evolved through movement and so you could argue that we are not designed to be sedentary in the same posture for hours on end. The price of sitting for too long has been well documented to increase chances of heart disease, cancer and diabetes and even short periods of activity can reduce that risk.

In the clinic the number of patients being treated for neck and back related problems relating to inactivity significantly exceeds those doing physical jobs. So how can we prevent these problems when so many parts of our lives are becoming sedentary?

In the workplace:

It is vitally important to take regular breaks to move out of set postures regularly even if it is just to stand and stretch on occasions. Secondly make sure during break times you don’t just go a sit in the canteen or staff area but go for a short brisk walk. Thirdly make sure your workstation has been assessed and set up to suit your individual needs.

Outside of work:

It is important to try to take regular exercise whether it is a brisk walk for 30-40 minutes, going to the gym, taking part in competitive sports or even just being on your feet and moving around rather than sitting in front of the TV every night.

So, if you do have pain then here at SB Sports Injury & Physiotherapy clinic, we can help via treatments using manual techniques, acupuncture, electrotherapy, exercise therapy and probably the most important intervention self-help postural exercises.

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